Are you a camper or a hunter?

Alot of you know what I mean. You are flying around in Skettis, you’ve just finished your bombing runs and are ready to do the escort quest. Do you fly around looking for the bamboo cage with the big yellow ! or do you find one of the few spots it will appear and just wait? I always fly around and search for that poor Draenai and if I find the quest already in motion I’ll either help the person complete it or just wait. I’ve always figured if the quest appears back there, the path is cleared of random mobs and it should be easier for me to finish then.

I’ve noticed alot of people prefer to camp on the spot where the quest can appear. They form groups there, start a camp fires. They might even have sing alongs. They are usually alliance and they could call the noise they usually make singing. For me that’s just too passive. I suspect they probably complete the quest ust as fast as I do and since they often have groups they have an easier time powering through any random interference from the hated Monsterous Kaliri.

So what do you do, camp or hunt?


~ by tsukikoh on February 15, 2008.

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