Warlocks OP? It’s all in your mind!

Or maybe it’s in my mind.  I’ve not crunched the crunchy numbers for this, and no differential calculus books were opened in the completion of this blog.  But I’ve found when playing my frost mage that despite excellent defensive spells like ice block, ice barrier, frost nova, fire ward and ice ward, when something goes wrong  I spaz out like a hummingbird on crack.  When something goes wrong with my warlock, despite relatively few defensive spells I react more calmly, efficiently and typically survive.  Why is this? Mages are better at interrupting spells, better at mitigation, and with spells like blink they have great escape spells for those moments when things go completely FUBAR.  When I started seriously playing my warlock I spent a good amount of time adjusting to not having alot of defensive options I was used to having as a frost mage.

Despite this, when I accidently aggro two flayers and a ravager in the Dragonmaw mines all I can do with my mage is frost nova and run for my life.  As a Warlock I breeze through it.  I think part of it is I have alot more health as a Warlock.  So I don’t feel like i’m right on the edge of death right away and can take an extra second to make a better tactical choice.  Part of it is that I’m not alone.  As a pet class I can use my void walker to distract at least one of the enemies while I DoT the others, and in a worst case can sacrifice my VW for a shield, hit howl of terror and run like hell.  I think most of it is purely psychological, though.  My mind set is perfectly suited for a warlock.  I like using mostly active defense spells like Fear, Deathcoil (my only interrupt), and my offensive spells add to my survival chances.  Drain tank FTW!  While as a mage my defenses are more passive and let me avoid damage better but my mindset is to counterattack, not mitigate.

How about you?  Has anyone out there started playing a class based on the information in the manual only to find out that the class really didn’t suit how you play the game?


~ by tsukikoh on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Warlocks OP? It’s all in your mind!”

  1. My rogues. Both are 70. I can solo exceptionally well with them (one is Subtlety, the other is Combat Daggers). I can do okay with either in an instance.

    But in PvP, I get caught up in the apparent speed of the encounters, and try to mash buttons faster than any cooldown could possibly be up. That said, the Sub rogue is my PvPer, and I just (JUST!) (re)discovered the goodness that is Kidney Shot. Eventually, I may even figure out how to use it effectively! (Although, I did make good use of it in an EoTS run this morning–there may be hope yet!)

  2. Honestly in PvP, beast specced hunter and rogues are the only classes I cannot take (at least one on one) as a 70 warlock. Although I haven’t played since March of last year and only recently started playing again, maybe cloak of shadows got nerfed or something.

    PvE however, no challenge, can just about everything I’ve ever tried.

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