Guild drama and communication

Matticus posted a bit ago about how to leave a guild the right way. Guild drama, when to leave, how to stay, ect has to be one of the worst things I run into in WoW. I’m a guild nub. The guild I started with was a simple RP/’We all know each other’ guild that imploded after a while. Then I joined Burning Tusk Tribe, which was an another RP guild that didn’t really match the norm. Guild chat was open to non members, guild membership was strictly limited to only certain races (with a couple of RP based exceptions). I really don’t know how most guilds operate. So when BTT’s sister guild was shut down and Tsukikoh was locked out of guild chat because I had been in the sister guild, not directly in BTT I was pretty annoyed. We managed to work out some miscommunication, I was able to communicate my desire for group activities like BG premades and raiding. And I got assurances that there was going to be more of this. Based on that and my friends being in BTT I stuck with the guild and have been enjoying myself. We’ve raided Kara twice now and I’ve been having a great time. None of which would have happened for me if not for the little heart to heart with a guild leader.


~ by tsukikoh on February 20, 2008.

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