Does this make them welfare blues?

I was reading over the news (singular for news is new, right?) for patch 2.4 and saw some good news! Is this cool, or what? For the veterans who have their PvP gear, Arena gear, and raid gear for all occasions this is probably just another wave of welfare blues to go with the welfare epics we can grind on BGs. But for a new 70 like me this is big news. The gloves and hood will be big improvements for me for grinding and PvP and between those and what I pick up from BG’s I might even be a little competative when I finally find an Arena team.

That seems like the toughest part of breaking into BG’s now. With Season 4 just around the corner, the dedicated been-doing-this-from-the-beginning PvPers will have a huge advantage that I’ll never catch up to without alot of luck and a great team. So these PvP blues and welfare epics are a great way to let newer players like me get in the game and be at least a little competitive while trying to get the truly epic purples. Because in purple, I look stunning!


~ by tsukikoh on February 21, 2008.

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