Why I like being a warlock

There was a post a while ago on Blog Azeroth about shared topics for multiple blogs. One of the topics was ‘What do you like about your class?’

I just can’t resist that one. I love playing a warlock for all the usual reasons. Pets. OPness. DoTs. But even more than that I love playing a warlock because we’re EVIL. No one wants to be evil in WoW. The Alliance are the good guys, no one on alli side even questions that. They have the humans after all. Most of the Horde I know consider themselves to be the good guys. It’s all ‘The alliance screwed us over, the alliance won’t let us forget we attacked them when we were controlled by the demons’ ect ect. So who are the bad guys on the player’s side. Who summons demons? Who are so evil the Draenai are suspicious of any race that even has that class? [B]Warlocks![/B] We’re the baby eating bad guys, and it’s fun! It’s fun to DoT and Fear. Sometimes I drop all my DoTs on a creature, Fear, then /dance while they die. And that’s the real reason I like ‘Locks.


~ by tsukikoh on March 3, 2008.

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