I didn’t mean it! Really!

I love PvP as much as anyone, but in Skettis I turn into a carebear. I know alot of places Skettis is Gank Central and even on my cute and cuddly RP server I see plenty of PvP hostility and harsh feelings over getting that damned daily escort quest. Plenty of griefing goes on because someone dared accept the quest before someone had the chance to. Personally, this has never made sense to me. I’m not there to PvP. I’m there to bomb the bad bird eggs, escort the clueless scout to safety, collect my gold and get the hell out in one piece. If someone else gets the escort quest first, I’ll help them. That’s right, even if they are scum sucking alliance! Why? Because that’s one less person competing with me to get the quest. If I grief them and they lose the quest, we’re right back where we started. So I get on my carebear outfit, fly down and help.

Except every once in a great while things go a little wrong. I was flying around as my mage once and spotted someone trying to complete the quest so I decided to fly down and help. Then I was attacked by a monstrous kaliri, and since I was my mage I had tried to land as fast as possible and didn’t notice the wing guards I was aggroing until it was too late. End result was a perfect storm of kaliri and birdfolk killing me and then aggroing onto the guy doing the quest. I missed what happened after that, but I felt really bad about it. So if you play on Blackwater Raiders and last year a spastic undead mage aggroed a bunch of creatures onto you while dying, it was probably me. Sorry!


~ by tsukikoh on March 6, 2008.

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