Is there such a thing as too much Dotting?

Usually I say no.  That’s the bread and butter damage of any good Afflock after all.  I farm on the Elemental Plateau with the best thanks to those lovely DoT-DoT-DoT-FEAR moves.  And as fast as one fears away, I move on to the next.  Instances are pretty DoT friendly as well most of the time.  I hit three or four DoTs and watch the damage roll in.  I’ve even been known to DoT-FEAR-/dance from time to time just for the fun of it.

First thing I started noticing when my guild started running Kara was I would need to manage my dots better.  I normally apply Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life, Corruption and Curse of Agony before starting to blast away with the Shadowbolts. In Kara I started noticing mobs were dead before I could start with SBs and definitely before the DoTs had time to tick through. And overdotting is a little like overhealing.  That’s mana wasted on damage that the spells never get a chance to do.  Healers can use lower level heals.  AffLocks can use fewer DoTs.

Instead I started just casting UA and spamming SBs.  Then changed to using SL and Corruption. CoA is right out, it’s damage is too backloaded.  SL gives me back health, making life easier for the healers, and Corruption is steady damage.  Since I can cast both instantly, I can cast them with only the GCD delay and then let the shadowbolts rain.  I’ve not crunched the numbers as of yet, but the results seemed to work best for me.  If my non-shadow damage had been higher, immolate would have gotten tempting since it’s a short duration DoT so little wasted mana.

Out of the things I expected to learn when starting raiding, how to use fewer DoTs was not one of them. But it’s something worth remembering.


~ by tsukikoh on March 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Is there such a thing as too much Dotting?”

  1. A problem that comes up, not only in raiding, but in any group situation or instance run. I levelled my ‘lock quite happily to 60 as affliction but I’ve become bored with solo questing and so I find myself running a lot more instances. The sad reality is that dot ‘n’ drain doesn’t fully cut it in these situations.

    More often than not the mob goes down too quickly for the full dotty goodness to do its work.

    I’m still thinking about what to do, but “respec” might be the answer… Sure gonna miss that free mana but…

  2. I rarely had the over dotting problem in instances, but that might be a measure of equipage as much as anything. If you want to do massive DPS, Destruction is seriously your friend. Affliction doesn’t shine until bosses. But one bosses like Curator where you’ll be spending half your time targeting the surges, being able to drop four or five DoTs on him really makes a difference in the long term. And really on most bosses your DPS will shine. And with the proper group spec, which I’m not current specced for I admit, you’ll be a big asset to the raid. Shadow’s Embrace can be big and Malediction is huge for a some types of raiding groups.

  3. Like the above poster stated, Affliction Warlocks shine on Bosses, but are sub in trash fights. The thing I always did back in the hayday of my Affliction period was just SOC if the tanks and other AOE’ers could handle thier aggro well. If they couldn’t, then I just went straight to the Shadow Bolts just to get the trash down fast.

    Nice blog BTW

  4. favorited this one, bro

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