2.4 coming up on the port bow, Yar!

WowInsider had an interesting article on the upcoming 2.4 and the interest in it, or lack there of. 2.4 is coming! Fire! Plagues! Sunwells! QQ! A properly accessorized Kael’thas! For my part, I am looking forward to the patch. The Sunwell content my guild won’t be getting to for a bit, sadly. We’re still pounding away on Kara and with our move (moving to a new state, not moving the site) I don’t have nearly enough time for raiding. But more daily quests is a good thing. Welfare blues for PvP is a good thing. At least I won’t be totally pwned while saving up honor and tokens for my welfare epics. Warlocks were not crippled by nerfs, which is good. There are cool new items. I’m probably not jaded enough to want to give up WoW until the expansion. For me the expansion was my chance to play a blood elf paladin, which was the real reason I’ve even started playing WoW. If I’d already been playing for years and finished all endgame content, I would probably have been bored as well while waiting on the expansion, instead of cluelessly running around with my mage and slowly figuring out there is actually some strategy in WoW.

So in short, I can’t wait for 2.4.


~ by tsukikoh on March 19, 2008.

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