My New UI.

2.4 is out! and while I don’t have much time, I decided to have some fun with a new UI. Zul UI Remix 2.5 really suits my style. Three little windows for General messages, Group and Raid messages, and Combat messages. Omen on the left, quests on the right. Places for both targets and focus. And I like the ergonomics of the UI. Can I use ergonomics? It’s not really where type, it’s where I have to look. The bottom button bars are what I use for combat. The left is on my keyboard keys for attack spells, on the right is my keypad for instant defense like all three fear effects, soul shatter. I don’t use any special gadgets for play and I rarely use the mouse for anything. And since the icon for me, who’ve targets, focused, and my groups and raids are all in the same area as the buttons I never need to look around the screen to keep track of everything.

Zul UI Remix is not the coolest looking UI you’ll ever find. It’s not like racial theme UI’s like the elven one with the leafy borders. It doesn’t have any fancy borders and lots of colors. The gray with little touches like color coding classes is really pretty boring looking. But for a UI that makes the game easier, has all the information you need right on the screen, I’d recommend it. Just remember if the buttons look wrong type /bongos and load the answer profile. I had to ask to find that one out and I was installing into a pristine WoW without any mods.

This is probably my last message for a couple of weeks. We’re doing our big move this week. And I really really hope to be back online in just a couple of days. Wish me luck!


~ by tsukikoh on March 30, 2008.

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