Ghod, I’m depressed

So I’m getting some ideas for writing.  I’m getting really enthusiastic about it.  I mean, this could be the greatest novel since <insert your favorite novel here>.  A world changing piece of literature that puts all others to shame.  Then I look at the submission guidelines for Eos (Harper Collins).  ‘No unrequested manuscripts allowed.’  WHAT?!  Other companies must be more lenient.  I mean, someone has to accept manuscripts.  Nope.  Not Roc books.  No one.  They have to ask me to send in a manuscript before I can send in one.   And why would they ask me to send anything in if they have no idea who I am because they’ve never read any of my stuff?  So, does this mean I’m defeated?  Absolutely not!  I’ll post short stories online or something.  Polish my craft and make them all regret not giving a chance.  Then I’ll sic my succubus on them for some real pain!  I will not be defeated!


~ by tsukikoh on April 10, 2008.

One Response to “Ghod, I’m depressed”

  1. I thought the point was you contacted them with a brief? Then if they’re interested, they forward you some cash, you quit your job and write it.
    ‘manuscript’ means the full text of a book right? At which point it’s probably a right pain in the ass to request changes, and rejecting full manuscripts probably opens them to accusations of plagiarism.

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