Shattered Sun Offensive Dailies Pt II: Off The Island

My last posting was a quick and dirty  guide for the quests on the island.  Now let’s get back to Outland and have some fun.

The general trend for the Shattered Sun quests is easy.  This doesn’t change on the Hellfire peninsula where you have to fly up to the north to a plateau.  Once there you find the Magistrix and start your quest.  Destroying the gate is the easiest quest.  You need to activate the fireball you are given and run around killing the fire elementals there.  Not only do you get some nice motes along the way, but you don’t need to be the one who kills the fire elemental for the credit.  Everyone in the area is rewarded, so even if someone else tags the mob first there is still incentive to help finish it off fast and move on to the next.  Once your lil ball of fire has grown up to a big, surly unstable orb, then you run back to the gate and let nature take it’s course.  Killing the Felbloods is a little more tricky.  You have to kill demons in the area and collect their blood.  Once you have four, just start using the crystal on the Felblood initiates to depower them and destroy them.  With enough competition this can be a little frustrating, especially as a warlock since my DoT’s don’t immediately tag the mob as mine until the first damage ticks off.  In a case like this, you locks better hope you have shadowburn.

In Nagrand you can do the Multiphase quest, where you non engineers get to see a little of what engineers can see with their special goggles in the area when looking for motes.  For this you are heading down to the south to the Osha Circle and then just flying around spotting the little fiery balls.  Land, measure them, mount, rinse, repeat.  With an epic flying mount (You do have your epic flying mount, right?) this can be done in a couple minutes.

Now, the smuggled supplies quest in Blade’s Edge is more like a great looking for untrustworthy SO.  When you phaseshift things look very cool.  Kind of like wearing the One Ring from Lord of the Rings, only less scary.  Certainly the mana worms there won’t scare you, they die easy as pie.  Your real competition here is ninjas.  Not the fun, black pajama wearing guys that flip out and kill people.    Your goal is collecting the supply boxes.  Your real obstacle is not the words, it’s the other players lurking in the area, waiting for you to engage the worms so they can run in and ninja the quest objects you are bleeding and suffering to get to.  Maybe it’s just my server or the times I do this quest, but I see alot of this and it gets very frustrating.  If I was on a PvP server I could at least attack them.  Serves me right for being such a carebear.  If you are ever running short on time for your dailies quests though, this is the one you want to skip.


~ by tsukikoh on April 18, 2008.

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