Into the valley of death

So I get stuck in another turtle AV where my team breaks down into yelling at each other.  Four people are diligently guarding SH GY, just in case.   Defense is hanging on.  And I’m standing there by myself.  So just to make a point I charge into the Alliance.  What else is there to do?  We’re out of reinforcements, defense is pointless now.  Our only chance, however small is to attack.    I felt like Custer at Little Big Horn saying to himself “My, that’s alot of indians.”  But I ran in bravely, fought bravely, and died messily.    I tagged three or four allies with DoTs, slowed them down a few seconds, but kept my pride intact.  At least I was trying to the very end.  Ouch.


~ by tsukikoh on August 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Into the valley of death”

  1. Mori potius quam foedari

    – it is better to die with honor than to live in shame.

    I salute you, honorable warlock.

  2. Ouch o_O – out of curiosity – did they end up turtling because someone capped the Snowfall GY (that neutral one in the middle)?

    I’ve been thinking I noticed a trend where if it got taken we were a lot more likely to lose on lack of reinforcements.

  3. No, none of the wrong GYs were capped. But for some reason alot of people ended up fighting over the towers. And not enough people went to Bal, so it took two tries to kill her. The whole match was a ClusterF that only got worse when people stopped fighting and started arguing. But hey, that happens sometimes.

  4. Oh yeah – My last game in AV horde were milling at balinda … it was really strange (didn’t win that one either) 🙂

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