Ideas for Negative Achievements

CTRL-ALT-DEL got there first, but I’m sure quite a few people wondered when achievements were announced if they were only going to be for the good things you or also for the bad things.  I have a few ideas on that…

Master Ganker – You have proven your mastery of a very specialized style of PvP.  This title is awarded after 1,000 kill that fit the following criteria:  Target must have been a lower level than you.  Or the same level but at less than 50% health.  Higher level targets do not count, but we both know you aren’t taking a chance on anything less than a sure thing, buddy.  Double credit is awarded if the target is already in the middle of combat, afk, or is eating and drinking when you attack.

Guardian of the Cave – You have proven your grasp of tactics by spending 50 AVs defending your home base.  The one the other side can’t capture.  So your really not defending anything.  But who cares, you still get honor just like all the people taking towers, killing players, and defeating generals.  Alternatly can be awarded if the bot helping you pretend to be active kills 1,000 rams or wolves.

I am Ninja – The ninja uses surprise, stealth and distraction to achieve his goals.  Well, if that guy had seen you coming he would have started mining sooner.  And grabbing the quest object while someone else is fighting the mob by it counts as distraction.  A ninja doesn’t simply follow someone around and skin the corpses left behind.  You actively seek out every advantage and ruthlessly take what you need before running on.   This title is gained when the player gains 1,000 Ninja Points.  You gain Ninja Points by taking mines, herbs and quest objects when someone else is fighting the mob guarding the prize.  The person fighting the guard must be able to use the prize.  Stealing a mining node when the person by it is a herbalist doesn’t count.  But nice try.  Ninja Points can also be gained by tagging mobs needed for quests before someone else’s DoTs start doing damage.  DoT must be active before you tag the mob, though.


~ by tsukikoh on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ideas for Negative Achievements”

  1. I am Ignored – You have x number of people ignoring you. This could also be reported, etc.

    I am lazy – At least 1 year in which you have not gained any experience or leveled.

  2. How about

    Ninja: rank 1 – must have ninjad at least one epic item they can not equip from a 10 man raid or higher.

    Ninja: rank 2 – must have ninjaed multiple epics from a 25 man raid. at least one of these epics must not be usable by the ninja.

    Ninjamaster: – must have ninjaed an entire guild bank, immediately after ninjaing multiple epics, and then changed name and server.


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