Culling the herd

Time to start writing again after RL aggro.  Also time to start figuring out what characters I want to focus on for WotLK.  For some people like BRK this is easy.  No alts means you have this lazer like focus on just one character, which means less variety but more power and rep since all you are doing to building up the one character.  You altaholics out there have the opposite issue.  Huge variety.  Massive variety.  A 15th level alt in every combination of race and class.  None of which have even seen Scarlet Monestery.  Most of us are somewhere between these extremes.

I have just a few characters.  My Lock, Blood Knight, Hunter and Mage, all 70.  My mage has alchemy and I basically log her on once a day to do a transmute and that’s it.    I just can’t get into playing mages anymore.  My Blood Knight Pallydin I leveled because my guild needed tanks.  And guess what, we’re overflowing with tanks now.  So my main is my lock.  I’ll keep leveling the hunter as well because I’m having fun.  I’ll be adding a Death Knight, just like half the world, and if DK turns out to be fun (paladin wasn’t until 3.0.2)  Those will be my set three characters.  I’ve already deleted two low level rogues I tried on that server just so I have more space.  And speaking of late spring cleaning, time to clear out stuff from my two bank characters.

The only thing exciting today was getting my Vampire Batling.  That was pretty darned cool.  It was the first time ever for my hunter in Kara.  And possibly the last time since we have so much trouble getting a group going at the moment, and Northrend will have bigger and better gear. But it’s all good. I got my batling.


~ by tsukikoh on November 2, 2008.

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