People keep showing up flagged! WHY?!

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/rant on

I never get this.  I’m on a Normal-RP server.  I’m out having some fun doing the new dailies.  And people are running by flagged.  Usually with friends.  If they want PvP they could pop over to a battleground.  But no, they are prancing around in front of me flaunting their flagged status.  Sometimes they will run into my line of fire when I move to attack something, like they are trying to trick me into accidently targeting them with my attacks or trying to get caught by my fea AOEs.  In brief, they are getting their bloody minded PvP in my wholesome PvE!  And sooner or later I’m not going to be able to resist picking spots to start introducing them to my magical friend Unstable Affliction and his pals Corruption, Siphon Life and Curse of Agony.  I’m assuming they want PvP and don’t care how they get it, but then why roll on a carebear server?

Ok, I feel better now.

/rant off


A quick and dirty guide to Shattered Sun Dailies

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I’ve been having a great time with the new daily quests. They are not tough at all, but they are new and fast and there is good variety. And they fit together really well.

For example, once you get to the island you get all the quests. The first two to do are the flying quests. Thanks to the hot fixes, bombing the dead scar is dead easy now. Once you know what to target, you can do it in one run without any trouble. Land and take off again and now you are stopping the reinforcements by firebombing their ships. This takes like 10 seconds but killing the 6 reinforcements can take a little longer if there is competition on the ship you land on. Don’t be shy about swimming to another ship that has less of a crowd for the 6 kills.

Once you are back, run ten seconds inland and you’ll start seeing the wretched. Kill them until you get your four mana remnants from the horrid little junkies. Of course, if you are a blood elf you are two steps away frpom being a magic junkie yourself so take this as an object lesson in the dangers of magic addiction. Fall to far and you too will be fodder for other people to kill and loot. Happily in this same area you can also destroy the erratic sentries and ‘fix’ them. Convenient, that. While here you’ll also be taking a ley line reading from the crystal in the big building in the lower area. And if you kill a few blood elves that count toward Taking the Harbor, so much the better.

Go north a little and you find demons to kill. The respawn rate is scary, I’ve literally stood in one spot and killed a demon as it kept respawning over and over. The Emissary of Hate you need to stick a banner in also just happens to come out of the portal you take a ley line reading from. Wow, that was easy.

Finish Taking of the Harbor, this can be tricky when there is alot of competition. And I’ve noticed as a warlock I have to use Shadowburn alot to avoid kill stealing when I tag a mob and someone else decides they want it a second later. Head east to kill Darkscale Myrmidons for their keys. The keys open chests. The chests give you ore. Take a slight detour to the shrine in the water and you just completed the ley line quest as well.

Yay, you’ve just done your part for the Shatter Sun Offensive!

Ghod, I’m depressed

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So I’m getting some ideas for writing.  I’m getting really enthusiastic about it.  I mean, this could be the greatest novel since <insert your favorite novel here>.  A world changing piece of literature that puts all others to shame.  Then I look at the submission guidelines for Eos (Harper Collins).  ‘No unrequested manuscripts allowed.’  WHAT?!  Other companies must be more lenient.  I mean, someone has to accept manuscripts.  Nope.  Not Roc books.  No one.  They have to ask me to send in a manuscript before I can send in one.   And why would they ask me to send anything in if they have no idea who I am because they’ve never read any of my stuff?  So, does this mean I’m defeated?  Absolutely not!  I’ll post short stories online or something.  Polish my craft and make them all regret not giving a chance.  Then I’ll sic my succubus on them for some real pain!  I will not be defeated!

I mean, what’s the point?

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I’m back from my enforced absence. I’ve just started playing so canb’t make any comments on the new content from 2.4 yet. But while I was away I got an offer that has stuck with me.

I guy I know asked if I wanted to play WoW on a private server.  Huh?  They have private servers?  Is that like private clubs that are so exclusive that only the best and brightest players can get in?  Do you pay extra for the priviledge to roll on a server that only lets in real RPers?  I know some people who would love that.  Or is this like one of those New York bondage clubs where you have to know someone to get in and it’s all ERPs?


It’s someone setting up a server at home for a few people and modding the server.  The selling point made to me was that we could level from 1 to 70 in a few hours, without having to put in the work to get to that level.  So…why would I want to do this?  It would take all the challenge and sense of accomplishment out of the game.  All the fun and socializing.  I’d only be talking to a few people.  I’d get to level 70 and get my epic mount in no time at all.  I’d miss out on the fun sad quests like when I got to put the tainted treents out of their misery.  Ok, I got frustrated trying to kill the guy in the crypt at the end of the Blood Elf area but when I finally got him it felt great!

I’d miss out on the jerls I swear at, the annoying gold farmers, the cool new friends I didn’t expect to make, and the old friends I love to talk to.  No battlegrounds.  No big raids.  I just don’t get the appeal.  I tried to explain why this seemed pointless to me but he didn’t seem to understand.  I think for him it was really about beating the game.  For me it’s all about having fun and a private server like that would suck all the fun out of the game.

My New UI.

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2.4 is out! and while I don’t have much time, I decided to have some fun with a new UI. Zul UI Remix 2.5 really suits my style. Three little windows for General messages, Group and Raid messages, and Combat messages. Omen on the left, quests on the right. Places for both targets and focus. And I like the ergonomics of the UI. Can I use ergonomics? It’s not really where type, it’s where I have to look. The bottom button bars are what I use for combat. The left is on my keyboard keys for attack spells, on the right is my keypad for instant defense like all three fear effects, soul shatter. I don’t use any special gadgets for play and I rarely use the mouse for anything. And since the icon for me, who’ve targets, focused, and my groups and raids are all in the same area as the buttons I never need to look around the screen to keep track of everything.

Zul UI Remix is not the coolest looking UI you’ll ever find. It’s not like racial theme UI’s like the elven one with the leafy borders. It doesn’t have any fancy borders and lots of colors. The gray with little touches like color coding classes is really pretty boring looking. But for a UI that makes the game easier, has all the information you need right on the screen, I’d recommend it. Just remember if the buttons look wrong type /bongos and load the answer profile. I had to ask to find that one out and I was installing into a pristine WoW without any mods.

This is probably my last message for a couple of weeks. We’re doing our big move this week. And I really really hope to be back online in just a couple of days. Wish me luck!

The big move

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No, I’m not moving my website.  But I’m getting dragged offline way to much while we get ready to move to a different part of the country.  It’s annoying, frustrating, it’s cutting into my WoW and general online time something fierce. The good news is the move should be done early in April and soon after I’ll get my internet connection back, will have no friends in the area, and so should have more time for WoW.

2.4 coming up on the port bow, Yar!

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WowInsider had an interesting article on the upcoming 2.4 and the interest in it, or lack there of. 2.4 is coming! Fire! Plagues! Sunwells! QQ! A properly accessorized Kael’thas! For my part, I am looking forward to the patch. The Sunwell content my guild won’t be getting to for a bit, sadly. We’re still pounding away on Kara and with our move (moving to a new state, not moving the site) I don’t have nearly enough time for raiding. But more daily quests is a good thing. Welfare blues for PvP is a good thing. At least I won’t be totally pwned while saving up honor and tokens for my welfare epics. Warlocks were not crippled by nerfs, which is good. There are cool new items. I’m probably not jaded enough to want to give up WoW until the expansion. For me the expansion was my chance to play a blood elf paladin, which was the real reason I’ve even started playing WoW. If I’d already been playing for years and finished all endgame content, I would probably have been bored as well while waiting on the expansion, instead of cluelessly running around with my mage and slowly figuring out there is actually some strategy in WoW.

So in short, I can’t wait for 2.4.